About Us

GouldComputing™ creates and sells software, games and other products promoting Christian values and education for home schools and everyone else.

We have been involved with computer gaming for many years and have come to realize the need for good games that will help develop logic, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as other educational factors. While not all of our games are "educational", we believe that a game should not just be a waste of time, and therefore needs a redeeming value.

We are Bible believing Christians. We believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son and that salvation from each of our sins is available through faith and trust in Him and in his payment for our sins: His death, burial and resurrection. We believe that our business must seek to glorify God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

We like science fiction, but so much of that genre is against the truth of Scripture. Therefore we are working on a new sci-fi series called the Defender's Universe. This sci-fi universe is consistent with Biblical principles and will teach about our actual universe from a Biblical perspective consistent with creation science for fun and fact finding. As work progresses on this, expect to see story lines, models, artwork, and games on this theme.

In addition to the draw of science fiction, space, etc., we have always had a strong desire towards the study of history, for history often repeats itself. Thus another emphasis you will see in our games will be themes in medieval time periods, Biblical time periods, or games with other historical basis.

Why the motto: "The Challenge Awaits"? Life is a challenge, especially for a Christian who desires to follow the Savior whole heartedly. Challenge denotes something worthy, something to accomplish, something to conquer. The Challenge Awaits because it is not enough to rest on past victories or glories, the next challenge is always ahead and awaiting you.

Seth Gould is the owner of GouldComputing. He is the chief programmer and game designer, with more than 10 years experience in Information Technology and programming, and even more in game design - both for computers and "board" games. He also maintains the websites.

Justin Kellogg is our graphics artist - 2D, 3D and even animations. He is the originator of the Defender's Universe concept, and most of his current sci-fi models will be seen in upcoming games on this theme.

Micah Gould is our other main contributor. With a variety of experience in several areas, he currently helps with music and sound effects, and sales and support management.

Interested in joining our team? Please contact Seth.